Are EU in or are EU out?

There wasn’t a huge amount of feedback regarding yesterday’s ‘blog – although I do fear that a high powered lawyer representing an oil refining firm may wander up and serve me with Court papers. Also, my thanks go to the person who pointed out that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig extracted oil via the largest bore in the world. The largest bore in the world?!? What did Katie Price’s new ITV2 documentary have to do with things?

Anyway, on to the topic of today’s ‘blog: Europe.

Wasn’t The Final Countdown a brilliant song? (Surely the song title is factually incorrect though given that Countdown is still on Channel 4 every weekday?).

Sorry, I’m talking about the wrong Europe… I’ll ‘blog about that big continent thing that exists on the massive Eurasian tectonic plate instead – which is the 3rd largest plate in the world after the North American plate and Eamonn Holmes’ dinner plate.

The issue of Europe was re-ignited last week when David Cameron announced a simple referendum on whether we should be part of the EU, the referendum was said to be basic to understand with the possible responses being ‘in’ or ‘out’ (and potentially ‘shake it all about’, but I’m not too sure).

The vote will be the first ‘in’ or ‘out’ referendum since the ill-fated 1996 referendum on which type of belly-button you prefer – what a waste of money that was (or should I have said, ‘what a waist of money that was’?).

I’m led to believe that Cameron’s actions are an attempt to placate the Conservative backbenchers who are Eurosceptics. Personally I’m not a Eurosceptic – although I did once think I may have been given a fake 5 Euro note…

I don’t really see why there’s a need to be scared of Europe (unless they elect Silvio Berlusconi as President – that said, the Vice President he chooses should be easy on the eye). Also, the whole of central Europe now appears to be ruled by Germany – which didn’t really go down that well on the last two occasions they tried to do that.

There’s a lot to be thankful towards Europe for, whilst many people dislike the freedom of movement for foreign workers, it has taken David Beckham off our hands for the next 6 months – and more importantly, it’s also got rid of Posh Spice for a while.

Beckham is moving to play football in Paris and was keen to deny that the standard of his football was no longer up to scratch – he said that the Disneyland team he’s now going to be part of is pretty good… although I’d say they’re a fairly Mickey Mouse team…

Beckham to be fair is like many foreign workers and it’s believed that he’s keen to learn the language. Apparently he has already built up a vocabulary of 50 or so basic words… and now he needs to translate them into French…

It’s hard to know what would happen to this country if we withdrew from the EU, however I’d suspect that a lot of people would lose their jobs – in particular Members of the European Parliament such as Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin… so perhaps pulling out of the EU might not be that bad after all…

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