High Speed rail… it’ll be here in 20 years time…

There’s wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog post, however, I’m advised that Andy Murray himself actually read it and found it fairly amusing – apparently on reading one of my jokes, his face lit up into a frown…

Anyhow, whilst Murray can hit serves at 130 miles per hour, that’s nothing compared to the trains on the High Speed 2 rail network which will be able to reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour – making it the second fastest thing in the UK after Gary Glitter running to hide his laptop under his bed when he sees a police car driving down his road.

It’s envisaged that the whole network will become functional by 2033 – although somehow I can’t see the engineers getting everything ready by just after half past eight in the evening. Whilst I may have got the wrong end of the stick there, it is quite ironic that a ‘high speed’ railway line will take over 20 years to build.

It’s also hoped that the High Speed 2 line will be operational by the time that a final decision has been made in respect who will run the West Coast Mainline franchise – something which was First a bit of a joke and is now Virgin on being an absolute farce…

The route for the line will see if go from London to Birmingham and then branch off to Manchester via Crewe and Leeds via Sheffield. It’s easy to say that the high speed line is a waste of money – however, I’d say that anything that gives you 3 routes out of Birmingham travelling at 250 miles per hour must surely be a good thing?

There’s a huge amount of criticism because of the cost of the entire project as well. With it costing an estimated £33billion, it’s hardly a surprise to see why – although if they’d have paid for it using a young person’s railcard, then it would have only cost around £22billion. To be fair as well, the whole project would cost around £5billion, but the bloke who drew up the budget bought a coffee on the 9:35 from Paddington Station whilst doing some research and he has reclaimed the cost on his expenses…

Many people have complained about the High Speed 2 line, with people commenting that the project is already running behind schedule (which must be frustrating as they only have about 7,300 days to turn things around). That said, surely being behind schedule is an integral feature that is engrained into the fabric of the UK rail network?

But for all the criticism, there is an upside, “it will strengthen Leeds’ position as the northern transport hub, and unlock major investment, jobs opportunities and connectivity to the rest of the country,” is Keith Wakefield, the leader of Leeds City Council said. And, “it will strengthen Wakefield’s position as the northern transport hub, and unlock major investment, jobs opportunities and connectivity to the rest of the country,’ is what Keith Leeds, the leader of Wakefield City Council said.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also stressed the importance of everyone maintaining their focus on the north-south divide in our economy… he’s hoping that whilst everyone’s distracted, he can go back on another one of his election promises…

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