Game, Set and Match… 4 hours after they started

No-one ‘liked’ yesterday’s ‘blog, which may have been due to me drawing attention and I didn’t really feel the need to shamefully ‘like’ my own work. In any event, I don’t write these for the critical acclaim – I’m in it purely for the money and the women I can get off the back of doing this.

Thus far I haven’t had any of either of the above, but we’re only on the 27th day, so I’m giving it 3 or 4 years and by then I’ll hopefully I have more money than Hugh Heffner and have had more woman than Hugh Heffner. If this isn’t the case in 3 or 4 years time then I’ll come to the conclusion that I’m wasting life, although I’d say that this is pretty unlikely.

Anyhow, today Andy Murray played against Novak Djokovic in the final of the Australian Open and Murray lost, so he’s now Scottish again (if he’d have lost in straight sets, then he might been classed as Welsh).

It was a great win for Djokovic who managed win after overcoming the theft of his hoover a few days ago (that’s why he’s called Novak) and it coincided with Tim Henman registering a rare tournament victory after a scheduling mix-up saw him competing in the Austrian Open, where he won in the final against the world ranked number 653 player – or as he’s also known ‘Britain’s third highest ranked player’.

Djokovic booked his place in history having become the first man since 1967 to win 3 consecutive Australian Opens and Murray narrowly missed out on his attempt to become the first man ever to win 2 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments without smiling.

Murray to be fair is the second best tennis player in the world right now and the two went at it toe-to-toe (so it’s fortunate that David Haye wasn’t competing) and there was little to separate the two of them; fortunately a winner of each set was decided after seeing who was best at smashing porcelain dolls of ladyboys – I think that’s what they mean when they have a ‘Thai-break’…

Hopefully these two fine players will go on to become legends of the game who are well known in many years time and then branch out their careers: Fred Perry for example started making sports clothes (I guessing his brand is called Fred Perry, although I’ve never actually had that officially conformed) and John McEnroe currently does a lot of charity work, he recently went to Syria delivering aid… although at one point he saw some people claiming the humanitarian aid packages even though they weren’t locals… McEnroe was absolutely incensed and screamed, ‘you cannot be Syrians’…

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