A supersized issue…

Yesterday’s ‘blog received 1 like for the 3rd consecutive day, so it’s reassuring to know that I’ve hit a consistent groove and these ‘blogs are able to strike a chord with 1 person somewhere in the world. Hopefully today’s will get a like – if not, I’ll take measures into my own hands and like it myself.

Anyhow, as mentioned on a week last Monday’s ‘blog (I think – I can’t be bothered to check), I’ve never been to New York. Somewhat unsurprisingly, that situation hasn’t changed in the last 12 days and I’m still yet to attend the concrete jungle where dreams are made – I have been to Milton Keynes though, which is very much the concrete jungle where nightmares are made.

Certain things would put me off going to New York, how busy the place is, the increased risk of terrorism and… er… the inability to buy large enough sodas!

This reason I say this is because New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to ban certain places from selling sugary drinks in volumes of more than half a litre. This has caused outrage amongst many people, including people who are too stupid to buy 2x 500ml drinks of soda instead of insisting that they have an enormous amount of soda poured into a bucket, which is then consumed using a straw the size of a drainpipe.

Bizarrely, some of the criticism and backlash has come from the Civil Rights Movement. The great Martin Luther King did so much to raise awareness of the issues surrounding racism (as have others, such as Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Desmond Tutu… and John Terry). However, I don’t believe Martin Luther King ever stood up and said, ‘I have a dream that one day, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and whites girls… and they will drink unlimited amounts of soda together’ – If he did say that, then Martin Luther King was either a) lying; or b) having some seriously strange dreams.

Luther King led to a backlash in America’s Deep South following the Rosa Parks incident in 1955 (although I’ve no idea where Rosa Park is…) and it’s hard to know what he would say about the soda protests; perhaps he’d be pleased that protesters now appear to be focussing on the more minor issues? Perhaps he’d be livid that Civil Rights now encapsulates the want to buy an obesity-inducing amount of pepsi? Perhaps he’d be more annoyed by the fact that the UK retailer Next used to sell a bathroom back scrubber called Martin Loofah King? (That’s actually true, I saw it with my own slightly appalled eyes 2 years ago).

The Civil Rights campaigns are incredibly pleasant in their protesting; they wouldn’t be called ‘civil’ rights protestors otherwise would they? And it’s reliving that people like Malcom X have helped to alleviate the problem of civil rights discrimination by sending text messages to people and signing the off, ‘from Malcolm X’ – the recipients of the texts thought he was putting a kiss at the end of the message and warmed to him… something that failed for the 9 previous Malcolms…

The whole ‘soda wars’ case is now going to Court in the most pointless case since a hand dryer manufacturer was taken to Court in order to ensure that the description on the side of the dryers was correct… what a load of hot air that was…

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