Fighting for Grandma and country…

There’s not much in the news today other that Paul Weller (I think that’s what they said on the news, although they might have said ‘poor weather’).

All I managed to see on the news today were a load of weather presenters standing ankle-deep in snow in sub-zero temperatures just to show us what snow looks like. No doubt it irritates them more when it’s baking hot sunshine and they have to stand indoors in their suits and it makes you wonder why these great forecasters never spotted that this would happen in their career.

I suppose with all the fuss and chaos that has been caused it is easy to forget that is all because of a bit of snow, 2 atoms of hydrogen covenantly bonded to an atom of oxygen that grinds the entire country to a halt and dominates every rolling channel news.

The editor of the BBC News Channel finally said enough was enough today and he started playing clips from Barrack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration – I mean, that happened about 4 years ago for God’s sake! He must have been desperate if he put a re-run of that on the news…

One story that did catch my eye today was Prince Harry claiming that he shot at a weekly music magazine whist he was in Afghanistan – I then listened to the story again on the radio and it turned out that he shot at an enemy, not an NME (things confused me even further in terms of this story when the news reporter also talked about Harry using a ‘full magazine’ of bullets).

To be fair, the news story could have had the headline, ‘Soldier Does Things That Soldiers Do’ (or ‘I’m Really Sorry, But We’re Reporting This Even Though It Isn’t Anything To Do With The Snow’) and I suppose that it’s reassuring to see that Prince Harry is just a normal soldier and fitting in seamlessly with rest of the armed forces – although apparently getting him to keep his clothes on is said to be difficult.

Whilst Prince Harry not having any clothes on is one thing, apparently on his first day he was told to go and put his uniform on and all hell broke loose as he got confused and put his, ‘fancy dress’ military uniform on…

The exact reason for his posting to Afghanistan is slightly unknown, although it’s thought that he was only there in the first place to appear as a special guest on Ross Kemp’s next show. (Apparently Kemp’s will also be doing a new show in 2013 about his change of career where he’s going to start working as a film critic; his first assignment is to review a Leonardo Di Caprio film from the early 2000’s – it’s called Ross Kemp on Gangs… of New York…).

Additionally though, the army were forced to make special adjustments because Harry was there. One tank was modified specifically for Harry being there – it didn’t have any special armour or anything, they just had to fill it with suncream and then dispense it out of the turret to save Harry from burning more than an American flag on the streets of Syria.

Nonetheless, the mature way he’s managed to handle things has drawn many comments, The Queen said he was doing a great job; The Duke of Edinburgh said he was a credit to the country, but it was a shame he hadn’t injured more foreigners; his Dad said that he was incredibly proud of him… and Prince Charles also said a few words…

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