Food for thought(y thousand pounds a week contract)

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although I asked a few of my friends if they’d been reading it the WOWS ‘blog.

They said no.

I’m guessing the poor weather must be the reason… and it’s also reassuring to hear that my friends are sensible.

Following my mention of HVM on Tuesday, it was reported that some employees in the Irish town of Limerick held a sit in protest in order to ensure that they were paid their wages, the Limerick employees were heard to chant:

We want to be paid our wages

We’ve been waiting here for ages

We just want to say,

Give us our pay

Or you’ll end up on the front pages

Whilst the above HMV employees may soon be on the verge of redundancy and left scrimping. The same can’t be said of most footballer players, the majority of whom have more money than Lance Armstrong used to have.

Over the weekend Swansea footballer Angel Rangel (a man who is close personal friends with Jack Balck, Evil Kenevil and Jaques Chirac) very kindly drove around the streets of Wales and helped the who were less fortunate that him.

He then remembered that he was absolutely minted and therefore pretty much everyone was less well off than him, so he downgraded his boundaries and decided to give food to the homeless. His Swansea teammate (the bloke who scores all Swansea’s goals) was also there also there and was heard to tell people, ‘it’s nice to Michu”…

He asked his followers on Twitter (all 24,000 of them – which is about the amount of people in Wales who know what football is) where the best place to take some spare food to was.

Most of Rangel’s followers told him to take it to the food to the local homeless shelter (I was going to stay ‘homeless home’ but that wouldn’t be right) and thus Rangel managed to achieve the greatest act of charity by a football player since Wayne Rooney’s surprisingly direct contributions to Help the Aged a few years ago – or Jon Walter’s sponsored own-goalathon last week.

That said, it was refreshing to hear a story about a football player doing something good for the world, particularly as the only stories about football players tend to involve sexual assaults, heavy drinking sessions, Ashley Cole sending pictures of his cock to random women (that said, he is noted for have a good tackle) or, bizarrely turning up with a fishing rod and cans of Carling to speak to Raoul Moat…

The latest scandal involved one unnamed footballer waiting for the postman to deliver the mail at his club’s training ground and he went on a crazed rampage and started kicking and punching the mail that was delivered… he hit the post…

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