A Blockbuster ending…

I was pleased that yesterday’s ‘blog post didn’t carry any factual inaccuracies that were pointed out by third parties, there’s two possible explanations:

1) No-one read it – which isn’t very plausible as I think both my Mum and my Dad read yesterday’s post; or

2) I was helped because I had a lucky horseshoe – this is probably the case as I found it in a Tesco steak and kidney pie that I had for tea last night…

Anyway, time for today’s ‘blog and I’ll have to confess that I don’t watch many films and in all honesty, I have little reason for not doing so – save for the fact that I have all the attention span of a fan of good quality music at a Justin Bieber concert.

The reason I mention the above it because Blockbuster went into Administration yesterday, news of this was devastating for many people although everyone agreed that the stores hadn’t been the same since Bob Holness died and a distraught Ed Miliband Tweeted about how upset he was that Blackbusters had gone into Administration…

Whilst the company’s stores were called Blockbuster Video, surely they’d moved with the times enough to start selling DVD’s? If not then perhaps that was its downfall, surely they were going to fail if all they allowed you to rent were betamax, audio cassettes and LP’s?

Personally I like to move with the times and the latest DVD I bought has incredible definition and features that cockney hardman actor thingy Winstone doing a stand up routine filled with rude jokes – it’s a Blue Ray DVD…

I suppose the failing of Blockbuster is hardly a surprise, you can order DVD’s via Love Film without moving off your settee, download them onto your laptop without leaving your bed or buy them dirt cheap from Tesco whilst you’re buying some horseburgers…

The collapse of Blockbuster is pretty wide ranging and has consequences for many stakeholders; the Coalition Government was quick to reassure people that not every organisation whose colours are blue and yellow will be collapsing like a deck of cards (well, that’s what Nick Clegg said anyway – David Cameron’s response was ‘the Liberal Democrats? Oh yes… I remember them when they used to be fairly popular…’)

To be fair, you can’t but help feel that the high street will be affected as there are 527 stores in the UK which will leave another empty property in every town. There’s also 1 store in the Beverley Hills area of California – which is known as the Hollywood Blockbuster… and it’s also rumoured that they will be a film adaptation of Blockbuster’s demise – something that I wouldn’t mind renting when it comes out…

Aside from that, I feel for the employees of Blockbuster. This is an area that I have a personal attachment to as I once went out with a girl who worked there. I went round to her house to pick her up and take her to the cinema (I guessed that she’d like films), ‘have her home by 11pm, or else they’ll be trouble’ her somewhat fearsome Dad told me… unfortunately I didn’t get her home until 11:30pm… so I had to shove her through the letterbox and give her Dad a £2 late fee…

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