So good they named it twice… and then laid in bed all day…

I am yet to go to New York, but I would love to go. I’ve been to the British Minster town of York and I hated it – it’s a place so bad that they named it only once.

If you go to New York at the moment, good luck. It’s in a state of emergency and not because of potential terror attacks or a hurricane, instead it’s a state of emergency due to an outbreak of influenza, which is still ongoing – despite earlier claims that the initial outburst had flu by…

The consequence of this that the majority of their residents are currently in bed and as a result, New York is regretting calling itself The City That Never Sleeps (a nickname it shares with Tel Avia – a place whose ability to sleep is predominantly decided by the current status of the Middle East peace process).

Obviously New York is also known as the Big Apple; although I’d suspect the most Americans have never eaten an apple, let alone a large one… who am I kidding?! American’s are often pretty hungry so I’d expect that most of them have probably eaten an iPad or a Mac…

I suppose this health epidemic is no different to other strains of flu, such as SARS and swine flu. The current strain affecting America is called H3N2 and I think it was so named after the Star Wars robot who discovered it.

Of course, the epidemic in America is not the only recently health epidemic to strike through countries. In the UK the norovirus has caused many hospital wards to close and led to people vomiting profusely – one of the main areas for the outbreak appears to be on the High Street in Glasgow on Saturday night…

I went to a hospital recently to see a friend and to reduce the risk of contracting the virus, I was told to use the alcohol gel, something I did with great aplomb – although after 4 days I was then told I was meant to put it on my hands…

I think the main reason for the use of alcoholic hand gel is to combat the peril that is MRSA – I think her husband MRA should really stamp his authority down and tell her to stop causing infections. To be fair, I don’t know much about hospital and I think my lack of knowledge on hospitals is because I’ve not been to hospital for a while – I’ve not had chance… as I’ve been unwell…

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