Manufacturing its demise…

I love manufacturing. I think making things is very impressive and I’d love it if I could correctly manufacture things. Unfortunately, the only thing I ever manage to manufacture are a load of woeful puns – but that said, I’m advised that my pun-making here on the WOWS ‘blog now equates to around 45% of the UK’s manufacturing output.


It’s a shame that we don’t really make things anymore and that our society predominantly has a dependence on often low-quality, overseas imports – like Justin Bieber for example…


About 10 years ago, the UK’s economy was boosted by its strong, burgeoning financial services and banking sectors (how are they going by the way?). This financial institutions seemed keen to invest, but not people who’ll actually make things.


This week it was announced that Honda will be cutting 800 jobs at its plant in Swindon. On hearing the news, one employed said he was depressed, saddened and upset… that he lived in Swindon.


It goes without saying that Honda doesn’t have to manufacture cars in the UK, after all there’s ni Civic duty, but the loss of 800 jobs would be catastrophic for the local economy of Swindon. For their part, Honda said that they hope they won’t have to make many redundancies as they’re hoping their employees will find new jobs of their own Accord…


Honda aren’t alone it closing down their car manufacturing plants. Before Christmas, Ford announced plans to close a plant, which really put things into Focus and the anger of the employees led to their Chief Executive being taken away via a police Escort…


Also, Toyota recently announced plans to move their manufacturing away from the UK. So whist on the production line the car in front may be a Toyota, sadly, their is nothing else coming after it on he production line, save for a man with a cigarette, sweeping brush and wheelbarrow – which bears an uncanny resemblance to Skoda’s production line…


Obviously it’s concerning, in particular that little seems to be been done to stem the ever growing flow of job losses; George Osborne was on the news last week saying that he was doing all he could to rectify the situation (appearing on breakfast TV being one of the key things obviously?). Apparently he also paid to be interviewed on TV… it’s almost as though he doesn’t know anything about economics…  


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