You’d be forgiven if the above title leads you to think that this ‘blog is about further abuses of the expenses system by Members of Parliament (the ‘system’ being that if you own a second home, then you multiply the 5th digit of your phone number by the year you were born, and then you can reclaim that amount of rent annually – or something like that, I’m sure it’s quite as robust as the way I’ve described it there).

Instead this ‘blog is about Amazon’s latest business plan, which is to offer free digital versions of CD’s bought online (presumably the CD’s have to be bought via Amazon through).

The idea of giving albums away for free isn’t anything new – indeed it once propelled Chico from The X Factor’s album up to 85 in the charts.

Amazon to their credit have drawn up a list of 50,000 CD’s that they are offering as part of this service. According to the BBC News website, this includes: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd; Thriller by Michael Jackson; 21 by Adele and… er… pretty much every other album that has ever been made…

Will this idea take off? I suppose it’s difficult to say, surely the fact that so few people buy CD’s may be a fundamental flaw in their plan? Additionally, you can nowadays just download music instead of physically buying it or indeed stream music instead of having to download it (high technically advanced people can just remember the lyrics to a song and have it running through their mind all day, which saves them even having to bother streaming the song – whilst less technically advanced people still tape songs from the radio using C90’s).

To be honest, I’m not really into modern music and I’ve bought/downloaded/streamed very few albums in recent years. However, I appreciate that many people are keen on modern music and as a result I try to take an interest. For example, I know that a man called Arthur James won The X Factor this year, I know that Susan Boyle is nicknamed ‘Subo’… and I know that Pete Doherty isn’t nicknamed in a similar manner…

I know that Gangnam Style is a partly satirical song poking fun at the people of the wealthy district of South Korea’s capital city and that its singer probably lives there now, given the amount of money he’s earned – if he does, then he’s totally sold his Seoul…

It’s a shame that people buy online and that the young of Britain don’t get involved in that Great British tradition of heading out on a Monday and buying the latest albums to be released from their local music stores – such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys…

Indeed, I’m told that there was a time when people used to venture out to so called ‘independent shops’ that sold things called ‘vinyl’. To be honest, I have no idea what a vinyl or an LP is – but I thought I should mention them for the Record…

But for the time being, Amazon is the king of the online retailers for CD’s, DVD’s, books, electronic equipment, video games, software, toys, jewellery and clothes… I even went on there once and ordered a large South American river…


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