Global Warning…

I’m not really into climate change and the prevention of it, my views are, in all honesty, pretty simplistic. Could the sea level be reduced by doing a bit more fishing? Could you reduce the temperature of the atmosphere by leaving your fridge door open? Could the effect of that last counter-measure have been increased significantly if you opened your freezer instead?

As I say, I, shamefully, don’t actively do much to prevent climate change as I’m told that the severe effects will be in 100 years time and that it will be a problem for my children and my children’s children. In all honesty, I don’t expect to be alive in 100 and if I don’t have any children, then it definitely isn’t my problem (if I do have a child, then I’ll try to organise an official ‘passing the buck’ event for their 21st birthday and he can take over worrying about climate change and the demise of fossil fuels).

The main reason that I mention the whole subject of climate change is for 2 reasons:

1) Because 2012 was the 2nd wettest year on record for the UK, and

2) I’ve got to ‘blog about something and I’m running out of ideas after just 3 days…

Indeed, 4 of the wettest 5 years since records began have occurred in the last 12 years (records have been running for 102 years – and not 13 as I first thought). A few years ago, this would have been attributed to ‘global warming’ but presumably people liked the idea of global warming (everyone wants the summer to be warmer right?), so consequently the phrase ‘climate change’ become part of the public’s psyche.

It’s hard to deny how bad the floods were this year, given that people in certain parts of the UK’s most popular mode of transport was a canoe and a regular duty for firefighters was to attend flooded streets to pump water away (quite where they were pumping the water to is beyond me – to me, it looked like they were pumping the water back into a river that had already burst its banks. Although perhaps the firefighters were instead pumping the water over the fence into the next village?).

Aside from the general destruction to people’s homes, which caused tension amongst families and must be horrific at Christmas time (imagine having an argument at Christmas?), there’s also been dramatic consequences for many business – perhaps with the exception of retailers of swimming equipment and sandbags.

In particular, there has been a large detrimental effect on the farming industry (I can’t say I really like farming; I used to really like the mechanical workings of large farming vehicles, but now I much prefer xpelair systems in bathrooms – I’m very much an extractor fan…)

With the abomination of rainwater wreaking havoc with many farmer’s crops (some farmers have complained, surely not?), there has been an inability to grown corn, wheat and rye. Accordingly, there’s been a quick shift by farmers on order to keep up with the time; many of them have taken to growing rice in flooded fields and a few celebrities have tryied to cash-in:

1) Paddy McGuiness (he’s a comedian, apparently) has started his own range of Paddy fields…

2) That thingy Muamba bloke who used to play football for Bolton has started manufacturing his own brand of high-quality starch products for – he’s called it FabRice…

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