Not Quite as Unpopular as the Other Jim…

The latest person to be arrested in Operation Yewtree was Jim Davidson on the grounds of historic sex abuse charges in what police have called a Big Break-through in their ongoing investigation.

The operation has thus far seen the following people, amongst others, linked to the investigation: Gary Glitter (who’d have thought?); Max Clifford (who was forced to work quite hard to keep his name out of the papers on the following day) and the former weatherman on ITV’s This Morning (who as soon as he heard the news of the police coming to raid his house, quickly escaped capture by jumping across to Ireland).

I think Jimmy Saville may have also been linked to it as well, although I’m not certain. Additionally, Rolf Harris has not formally been linked to the scandal – despite someone claiming that he did something untoward with 2 little boys…

It’s hard to know whether the above people were named on Phillip Schofield’s infamous list of names he’d managed to find on Google. I’ve recently searched on Google for ‘Phillip Schofield’ and found the accusation that he’s gay and that he’s having an affair with Holly Willoughby (obviously, those rumours slightly contradict each other). There’s also a rumour that he eats guinea pigs – which may explain what happened to Gordon the Gopher…

The BBC practically (and incorrectly) outed Lord McAlpine as a potential child abuser and then later retracted their story and were forced to apologise in an episode of Newsnight where the only talking point was last week’s Newsnight.

Quite how Newsnight were allowed to all but give the name of a potential child abuser without contacting him first to let him know that they were going to accuse him of the worst possible crime is a bit beyond me (Lord McAlpine was on holiday at the time and consequently had a bit more to do when he got back than the usual things like turning his water back on).

Lord McAlpine was then rumoured to be considering taking legal action against anyone who’d named him on Twitter and he’d ask them to donate £5 to Children in Need. Personally I’d be happy to name potential suspects on Twitter at £5 a go – if they don’t sue me, then they must have something to hide and it would be a great way to flush them out of the system and let society know what they’re really like.

Davidson no doubt got the shock of his life when the police raided his house the other day, although apparently his Big Break co-presenter had read about the impending raid in his horoscopes that morning – I don’t know much about the astrological tendencies of his Big Break co-presenter… but apparently he’s a Virgo…

It seems that the vast increase in social networking and rolling news has led to a cornerstone of the British justice system, that being ‘innocent until proven guilty’ slowly dissipating as ‘trial by [social] media’ seeps into public life. Over that last 2 days, Davidson will no doubt have had a lot of incorrect things written about him – one newspaper even went as far as calling him a ‘well-liked comedian’…

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