Resolving to do the Thing I Didn’t do Last Year

Happy New Year to everyone.

The stroke of midnight on 31 December brings with it many people who resolve to change their life, be it stopping smoking; losing weight; being more positive or one of many other things.

I can understand the concept, but if you want to stop smoking, then why not just give up at the point when you decide that you want to give up? If a change is for the better then why not do it now? It wouldn’t make sense that if someone offered to give you £100 (with no strings attached) every day starting in September that you’d not take it and wait until January to start receiving the money daily.

I was reflecting on this yesterday when I celebrated the New Year at my local pub. On the way home I’d had a bit too much to drink and dropped 2 pebbles – so on the plus side, I’ve already fulfilled my resolution of losing 2 stones…

Also, it was noticeable that the people whom had made the commitment to vomit outside a pub onto a pavement covered in broken glass more regularly were all performing competently and keeping up with their resolution

The slight dichotomy of this ‘blog is that I haven’t posted in here since 13 October 2012; so you don’t have to be the genius that is Stephen Hawking (or Peter Andre – how he keeps getting a record deal must take some kind of special skill) to work out that I’ve resolved to update the WOWS ‘blog more often.

I’d like to update this ‘blog every day, however this will take more dedication than the commitment held by Philip Schofield when it comes to trying to out paedophiles live on air (why didn’t David Cameron just look at Schofield’s list and simply looked aghast before saying “Philip Schofield? Well I never”).

It won’t be easy to do, but surely it’s not beyond the realms of possibility? In any event, surely if you aim high then you’ve got a greater chance of achieving your goal. Apparently one bloke on the X-Factor auditioned in the hope that he’d actually be given the job of cleaning the audition room (I think he was called Leon Jackson), in the end he ended up winning the entire series because he aimed high; all was well in the end though – he now cleans the audition room…

I think next year I’ll resolve to not attempt to do something that I know I won’t be able to keep up…

Anyhow, you’ll hear again from me in my next ‘blog which should be tomorrow – but will probably be in around 3 month’s time…

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