This Is What I Like (Part 2) By Jimbo

Things I like and wanted to share part 2!

Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders guilty pleasure

I love this programme, but its one of them TV programmes I get into and watch religiously for a couple of months and then not bother with for a while. Not quite sure why I like it, it used to scare me to death as a kid especially the eerie music. One of the first episodes I remember watching is where someone was bludgeoned with a cricket bat, I think I was probably about 8 at the time. I know what your thinking, watching programmes like that when you were only 8 years old!! But I wasn’t always allowed to watch programmes like that at 8 years old, so when I wasnt allowed, I just put some porn on. Only joking…that wasnt until I was at least 9. (joking again). Now I have written the word “Porn” in the same paragraph as Midsomer murders I’m sure that this webpage will get some hits from some fans who are searching for “Midsomer Murder Porn”. Or even worse “Murder Porn”. Neither of which I recommend of course unless you want to be investigated by real life detectives. I now realise that this section of Things I Like hasn’t really had much to do with Midsomer Murders at all. But anyway…I like it.

Fancy Dress and Halloween

Fancy dress can be a pain for going to the toilet.

Now by fancy dress I mean, nights out and Halloween, not in the bedroom fancy dress. Believe me I’m not the type to dress as a fireman, kick down the bedroom door and whip out my hose pipe. A friend once told me that Halloween was her Christmas. She was into gothic and emo type stuff so it didn’t surprise me but since I have got older Halloween has definitely got more fun and I would now go as far as agreeing with what that girl told me. it’s better than Christmas. I don’t get as many sweets or chocolate but it’s so much fun to buy a ridiculously over the top fancy dress costume and go partying. It’s one night when you don’t have to actually worry about what your wearing…unless of course your Prince Harry and dress as a Nazi or you foolishly ordered a Jimmy Savile fancy dress costume. Certainly don’t go knocking on doors dressed as Jimmy Savile this Halloween. Now over the last few years I have dressed as a Clown, Jester, Thunderbird, Darth Vader and last year Edward Scissorhands. With my group of friends there’s also a secrecy over who will be dressed as what in order for their to be an element of surprise. This resulted one year in myself and friend both turning up as Thunderbirds. Which actually and fortunately worked out quite well as we were different Thunderbirds (Scott and was Virgil). The only thing not so great about Halloween is when it’s time to go the toilet. It doesn’t look great in the toilets when your out at a pub and there’s Darth Vader stood at the urinal with his jumpsuit round his ancles….espcially when he turns to you and says “I am your father”.


Hook – Best film ever!

By this I don’t mean I am a fan of radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza…although I do like how he replaced his hand with a hook. Although we may share the same passion for my favourite ever film, Hook. Hook released in 1991 starring Robin Williams was based on the story of Peter Pan and how he left Neverland and grew up into an adult forgetting all about his past adventures as Peter Pan. Years later Hook tracks down Peter Pan in the real world and steals his kids. Rather than the police dealing with it (as in most child abduction cases) Tinkerbell drags Peter Pan back off to Neverland for a battle with Hook to win back his kids. It’s bloody brilliant and I can never get tired of watching it, unless of course I watch it too much. As a kid the film made me feel like I didn’t want to ever grow up, but now I’m a grown up the film makes me want to be a kid again and go back to Neverland. This is pretty clever really because my parents would always say to me “just wait until you’re in the real world” so technically when you’re a kid, your living in Neverland!

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