Jimbo & Fisher this week tweeted all about anything with a sweet taste!

Jimbo (@JimboStudios)

M&M sweet but swears a lot when he raps!

Jelly Babies – my auntie and uncle couldn’t have jelly babies so they adopted gummy bears instead 

Fruit Pastels –
are a bit of a rip off really, you can’t draw anything with them

Sherbet Dip – My friend once worked in a sweet factory and I had a bet he would fall in this stuff, it was a sure-bet

Milky Way – is a Galaxy, oh no sorry that’s a totally different chocolate bar

White Chocolate – is the only chocolate John Terry will consume

Mars Bar – I once tried a battered Mars bar, it had been ran over and trampled on

Penguin – the packaging on these chocolate bars is a complete joke

Black Jack – I once tried one of these, admittedly, it was a bit of a gamble

M&Ms – is a rapper with blonde hair who swears quite a lot

Revels – Someone I don’t like once chocked on one of these, I enjoyed revelling in his misfortune

Hundreds & Thousands – is what Andy Carrol should have actually cost Liverpool and I mean sweets, not money

Boiled Sweets – these are sweets which Susan Boyle has sat on

Fisher (@CFishTank)

Fruit & Nuts – Boy George

Double Deckers – if you want to get one of these, you better make sure you’re not trying to pay with a ten pound note

Allsorts – contain a random unorganised mixture – the England football team’s defence is based on this concept as well

Skittles – I eat these when I go to my local bowling alley.

Wham bars – are what you call pubs that play songs by George Michael and Andrew Ridgley.

Snickers – these used to be called Marathons – I once ate one that was 26 miles long

Wispas –  these are popular in China..

Fruit and Nuts – are two adjectives that could be used to describe Boy George..

Black Magic – this is John Terry’s least favourite selection box…

Wine gums – were George Best’s favourite sweets..

Cadburys Chocolate Bars – I once met a dancer who had loads of these going spare – I asked her to give me a Twirl…

Bounty – you can wear these as hats – I remember someone telling me that Osama had a large Bounty on his head…

Twix – I use to steal these. After stopping doing it, I’m now stealing them for a 2nd time – I’m up to my old twix again

and some from our #TweetsNowtOnTV followers

Rainbow drops- when they get older they become chocolate brownies! – @Steph_Lax

Clubs –
Did anyone ever find out what happened when you “Join our club” – @andrew_swfc

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