Dirty Harry

Young ginger balls has… well… proved he’s got ginger balls by the sounds of it.

I once remember meeting Prince Harry whilst I was coming out of a public toilet and there were 2 people queuing ahead of him. I said to him, “you’re third in line to the throne”.

That anecdote is obviously a load of tripe, but the point stands that Prince Harry was photographed with his clothes off in a Las Vegas hotel, the city which is the doyen of gaming world when people play black jack, roulette and, apparently, strip billiards.

I used to play the odd bit of billiards when I was younger on my miniature snooker table (what a rebel) and I remember that one of the key components to scoring was to get the two balls to cannon against each other – I’m rather hoping this wasn’t a part of strip billiards.

Speculation was rife in the media with many commentators… erm… well… commentating, obviously. One breaking headline on BBC News channel advised that the photograph was “believed to be taken with a camera”. Presumably this information was there just to clarify in case anyone thought the pictures were taken using a piece of shortbread.

After the pictures had been placed on the internet (pictures of naked people on the internet, whatever next). The Sun then decided to take a bold post-Leveson Inquiry move to publish them claiming that it would be “perverse not to” – which could potentially mean that the people who aren’t printing naked photos are perverts?

Nonetheless, I can kind of sympathise with Prince Harry and the magnification of that is placed on most events in his personal life. For his part, Prince Harry has said that he wants a quiet few days and he’ll be spending some time with his family… and Prince Charles…

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