The Olympics

Well, The games of the XXX Olympiad (that means the 30th Olympic year, not some kind of weird sex Olympics) closed on Sunday.

London became the first city to hold the games 3 times, with The Olympics becoming the first thing known to man to voluntarily attend London on 3 occasions – albeit it does sensibly leave a gap of around 50 years each time.

The opening ceremony gave Britain the opportunity to marvel at what we liked the most – the chance to ridicule a Tory MP (after Aidan Burley MP complained about an event containing 210 countries was ‘too multicultural’, presumably he’s the kind of man who also has a whine about his smoke alarm beeping too loud).

The games themselves were as spectacular and well talked about as Bradley Wiggins’ sideburns. #TeamGB’s performance was outstanding and they finished third in the medal table (which possibly earned them an extra bronze?)

The coverage of the games was wall-to-wall, with the exception of Syria’s attempt to win the gold medal in the Civil War, which unfortunately, was the only event to go largely unreported.

The closing ceremony was a total sell-out… and a lot of people bought tickets as well. Prior to the opening ceremony, there was a public outcry to include Beckham and The Spice Girls performed at the closing ceremony – hence, there was a public outcry to get Beckham and her 4 mates off the stage as soon as possible.

I suppose we’re lucky that the Closing Ceremony didn’t include Bruce Forsyth saying, ‘good games, good games’. But alas, he refused saying that London 2012 wasn’t a patch on the original Olympics that he used to watch in Ancient Greece as a young lad…

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