The Fish Tank

The Fish Tank

The Fish Tank is video blog by Fisher during the his student years, when he wasn’t going out on hardcore drinking sessions (where on one occasion he drink a phenominal 16 pints… in the month).  In the early episodes, Fisher was living in student halls and borrowed a friend’s webcam; in January 2007 the Fish Tank began with its usual stream of terrible jokes.

The first episode was meant to be uploaded to Google Video, however, the upload didn’t work and Fisher decided use Youtube as The Fish Tank’s video host, although given that they’re owned by the same people, this decision was as irrelevant as The Fish Tank itself.

Each episode featured an apology of the week, headline of the week and quote of the week.  Fisher was not just confined to his university halls either as he often took The Fish Tank on location with places visited including: on top of a tank; in the bathtub whilst wearing a wetsuit; in a walk-in bird cage (with birds included); on the seafront at summertime (which was very cold) and from a bus shelter.

This weekly video blog reached 78 episodes with additional annual specials after the weekly videos ended. Click here to start watching The Fish Tank on YouTube

The entire back catalogue lasts around 10 hours – you can’t have this time back.


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