#TweetsNowtOnTV continues with Jimbo and Fisher tweeting all about games!


Operation – I wanted this game but I’m still on the waiting list

Hide & Seek – this is a boring game if you play with Lord Lucan

Pass the Parcel – I was sacked from my old job for playing this during work. Its ok..I hated that Royal Mail job anyway

Scrabble – I once got chlamydia playing this game with my girlfriend. It was worth quite a few points

Cluedo – my cluedo board has been snapped in half,  it was my nan in the dinning room with a knife

Monopoly – when I last played this I started to build hotels but the recession hit so I had to leave them half finished

Operation – I have wanted this game for ages but I’m still on the bloody waiting list

Tetris – I struggle to fit this into my games cupboard with my other games, it’s an awkward shape box

What time is it Mr.Wolf – dont ever play this game with Chico from X-Factor. Annoying as hell

Dead Fishes – this is a great game but I always lose to the dead fish


Jenga – The Berlin Wall edition features David Hasselhoff

Battleships – I lost at this and became disappointed – I got a real sinking feeling

French Cricket – is like normal cricket, but one of the teams surrenders quite early in the match

Jenga – I’ve got a special Berlin Wall edition of this – whenever it falls, David Hasslehoff turns up and sings

Leapfrog – is a game where you jump over a Frenchman

Pin the tail on the donkey – to play this, you should start by printing off a big picture of Emile Heskey

Piggy in the middle – is what you’d call it if Vanessa Feltz was a guest host on Have I Got News For You

Dominoes – involves lying down takeaway pizza boxes end-to-end

Bingo – I once saw a man carrying a trash can into the bingo hall, it turns out he actually said, “where’s the bin go?”

Chess – I often play this with a friend from Prague – he’s my Czech mate.

And a few from some #TweetsNowtOnTV followers

@rob_steer Stevie Wonder struggled abit at scrabble as he could never get an I.

@jo_miller70  Swingball – is the choice of games for hypnotists

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