This week for #TweetsNowtOnTV,  Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) go back to school and tweet about school days!

Jimbo – @JimboStudios

Maths – I was excellent at this subject but got a poor exam result, Don’t know why…..it just doesn’t add up

Drama – I hated this lesson as a kid, caused the teacher some problems I always used to act up in front of my mates

Aesop’s Fables – told in assemblies explained how Rhinos got their skin etc but never how Katie Price got her tits

Exercise Book – I had enough work to do at school without having to chase my overly active book around school

Harvest Festival – is when I would go around delivering rude shaped fruit to needy old people

Compass – drawing circles never helped me find out which way was north

Sex Education – I was scared of going to this lesson and wasn’t sure about going, I went but came out straight away

Eraser – I remember once saying to my mate Johny “Have you got a rubber Johny?” not sure why everyone laughed at me

School Dinners – fortunately I went to school before Jamie Oliver changed the school menu to Muesli

Naughty Chair – if you were lucky you would get sent to sit on this chair which had a pile of dirty magazines on it.

Lollypop lady – this skinny lady hated me trying to lick her sticky head

Rural Studies – I once got into a fight during this lesson, the teacher told us to take it inside

Careers Library – I never visited this place. I didn’t want to work as a librarian

Science – I used to fancy a girl two classrooms down from my biology classroom, there was chemistry between us

Woodwork – I convinced my mate we could make a chair from one piece of wood. I said it would work

Religious Studies – I tried my best at this subject but if I’m honest, I didn’t have a prayer

Deputy head- at my school the head teacher and deputy were shot with a pellet gun. I shot the head but not the deputy

Fisher – @CFishTank

Woodwork: hitting this would constitute a good shot for Emile Heskey

Art: I refuse to be drawn as to whether I was any good at this subject…

The School Bus: was a bit like The School Bike – but she was a lot fatter…

Whiteboard: John Terry was said to be delighted when this was used in the classroom instead of the blackboard

Drama: I was pretty good at this – but I didn’t make a song and dance about it

Teachers: is a Scottish whiskey company, they distil whiskey between 9 and 3 every weekday

Geology: you study old fossils in this, like volcanic rock… and Bruce Forsyth

Geometry: I never listened during this, I’d sit around and eat – normally I’d have 3.14 pies

ICT: is what you say when you spot that bloke from The A Team

The register: teachers take this… and a few of them end up on it…

Assembly: I was a notorious non-attender to these – I could never make them

Metalwork: this ended up being one of Abu Hamza’s favourite subjects, bit of ‘armless fun there

PE: I forgot my kit and had to do it in my vest and pants – I was then sacked from my job as a teacher

Detention: a lad at my school was given this after being caught taking cocaine – they gave him 100 lines

Textiles: some people use proper English and sum ppl use txt spk. lol

French: I hated this subject – it was all foreign to me

And from some of our #TweetsNowtOnTV followers


Food Technology – this was the icing on the cake me…

Geography – could never find my classroom for this!


Chemistry – I used to fancy a lad a shared a Bunsen burner with..but now they’re just an old flame

History – Would tell you what I used to learn but it’s all in the past now


French – My spelling in French wasn’t very good, in fact, my teacher kept saying it was merder


School Dinners – These are bad just ask jamie Oliver


Having a Rubber on the end of your pencil – handy instrument or life lesson?

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