More #TweetsNowtOnTV from Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) and this week its all about clothes!

Jimbo – @JimboStudios

Fingerless Gloves – are ideal for horses and other animals with hooves

Pair of Boxers – these cover two male arse cheeks – David Haye & Derek Chisora

Checked Shirt – a shirt that has had a successful CRB

Wonderbra – I know a lady who had a faulty one of these which pushed her boobs up to far. It went tits up

Ankle socks – socks for your ankles, similar to socks which are also socks for your ankles

Cap – is what Emile Heskey won’t get anymore of

Belt – is what Chris Brown once gave Rihanna

Polo Shirt – shirts with a big hole in that smell like mint

Slippers – are named slippers because its what you usually trip over in the house

Waistcoat – is what someone might say if you threw away a perfectly good coat

Tie – I once met a girl in a shop that sold ties. I asked her to marry me. I wanted her to be my Tie Bride

Bowler Hat – is what Darren Gough wears

Shell Suit – are normally washed up on the beach if you put them to your ear you can hear an episode of Jeremy Kyle

Boiler suit – overall they are pretty good value

Boob Tube – a website where you don’t compare meerkats or car insurance

Tights – My girlfriend always gets ladders in her tights, I’ve told her il clean the windows in future

Pencil Skirt – not sure what I think of these, they are a little sketchy

Fisher @CFishTank

Gillet: these keep your body warm… and they also remove your body hair

3/4 length trousers: I bought some of these fairly cheaply the other day – they had 25% off

Feather Boa: it might be scary having a snake around your neck – but it’s as soft as a brush…

Cuban Heels: are made out of cigars

Jumper: I used to have one with 3 arms that I wore when I did athletics – I called it a triple jumper

Loafers: are quite fancy shoes, they involve wearing bread on your feet

Hoodies: David Cameron once encouraged people to hug a hoodie… then he went back to his mansion in Surrey

Pullover: last time I wore one of these I tried to take it off whist driving – it was dangerous, I should have

Camouflage jacket: a friend wore this recently and everyone thought it looked good – but personally I couldn’t see it

Crop top: often worn by women – but they often disappear around harvest time

Clothes airer: a male celebrity was once involved in a sex scandal with one of these – the press hung him out to dry

Burka: I was going to say something controversial about these – but I’ll draw a veil over it

French knickers: women have to pull these down when they go for a oui

Baseball cap: quite how something circular remains on someone’s head is beyond me

Shorts: I wear these whilst drinking whiskey and brandy

and some from our #TweetsNowtOnTV followers

Jeans – make up part of your DNA – @AlistairHGVCC

Boat shoes – are great for walking on water – @Jo_Miller70

Wastecoat – No, not a poor spelling mistake. It’s what the binmen wear. – @TJHeezy

Golf socks – I have a special pair of golf socks. There’s a hole in one – @BernieWinters

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