A St.Patricks day special of #TweetsNowtOnTV now from Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) as they tweet about all and everything thats irish #IrishTweetsNowtOnTV..”top of the mornin to ya”

Leprechaun – A small annoying Irish character, but that’s enough about Louis Walsh

Shamrock – it’s a fake rock

Riverdance – Michael Flatley invented this, he once accidentally kicked a pebble at an otter while doing it

Irish Lottery – it’s the best lottery to play, because its Irish, they pay out more than they earn from ticket sales

Peace Process – this process involves not blowing people up

Sinn Fein – is someone who fakes having shins

Irish Pubs – in Ireland they call these houses

Gaelic Football – this football is played in Ireland, it smells and sometimes it’s even got melted cheese on it

Leprechaun – A small annoying Irish character, but that’s enough about Louis Walsh

Cork – a place in Ireland, a good place to pop off to

Guinness – the slogan is “good things come to those who wait” but you try telling an Irish man to wait for his Guinness

Jedwood – the worse thing to come out of Ireland since Louis Walsh

Clover – it’s a kind of butter, if you find a clover with 4 leaves in it, call the customer helpline on the label

Irish Traveler – otherwise known as a Gypsy. I once had a gypsy pen friend…it obviously didn’t work out.

Irish Stew – what you should let Roy Keane do if he is in a bad mood

Potato – Irelands staple food, most Irish have said they wish it was chips instead

Ryanair – an Irish low cost airline, it’s cheap because they let Jedwood fly the planes

Irish Curse – an Irish man does this when he spills his Guinness or when Jedwood are on TV again

Potato – The staple food of Ireland. Many Irish wish it was chips instead.

Roy Walker – Irish man with bright white hair and a stupid grin…say what you see

Sinead O’Connor – cried on one of her music videos, not sure why, it actually sold quite a lot of copies

Boyzone – there’s Xboxes, beer and magazines full of nude ladies here

Good Friday Agreement – was when the Catholics and Protestants agreed to stop eating each other’s Easter eggs

Bono – a lot of talented people are now referred to by one name only – Craig Revel-Horwood told me that

Guinness hat – I wore one of these on St Patrick’s Day; my head was soaked – don’t use liquid as a hat

Ireland Jokes – there was an Irishman, a Scotsman & an Englishman… and they were stood in the wrong order

Jedward – they’re a famous Irish export. Apparently Ireland are more than willing to let the UK keep them…bugger.

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