Here is one of the first ever #TweetsNowtOnTV. Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) tweet all about films.

Avatar – a film about big blue Smurfs

 Brokeback Mountain – I missed most of this film but my mate filled me in on our last camping trip

Groundhog Day –
it’s not a bad film really, it’s not a bad film really

Gandhi – there was rumors of a sequel to this film, however there wasn’t enough hunger for it

The good the bad, the ugly – stars Mother Theresa, Osama Bin Laden and Wayne Rooney

The Exorcist – Can’t believe I agreed to watch this film, don’t know what possessed me

Avatar –
I think this is a film about big Smurfs

Muppets Christmas Carol – starred a Muppet in the lead role but that’s enough about Michael Caine

Rush Hour – I was stuck in massive queues to see this film

E.T – a film about a boy with an extra testicle… I think

Armageddon – I missed this film, still, not the end of the world

Anger Management – this film was so bad that I smashed up the DVD player
Wayne’s World – this film features Rio Ferdinand, Coleen and lots of old ladies

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days – that’s easy, just make him watch this film

Titanic – was so sad at the ending of this film, it still hasn’t sunk in

Harry Potter – I think this film is about a bloke who is good at ceramics

Armageddon – gutted I didn’t see this film in the cinema, still, it’s not the end of the world

 The Man With the Golden Gun – had to send it to Cash For Gold as he had fallen on hard times

The Kindergarten Cop – featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as a teacher… until he went on strike

The English Patient – unfortunately they caught MRSA

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