With unemployment at record lows Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) attempt another #TweetsNowtOnTV this time #JobTweetsNowtOnTV in order to get people thinking about all the different types of jobs there might be out there. Disclaimer This definitly won’t help you find work

Zoo Keeper – Looks after animals and trashy teenage boy magazines

Butcher – famous butchers include Pat and Frank

Cobbler – makes shoes and the road in Corrie

Funeral Director – My local director had to take a day off ill recently, he had a cough-in’ fit

Taxi driver – this tweet will be here shortly, honestly it’s just around the corner

Dental Nurse – look after sick Dentists

GP – a race between doctors around the surgery

Zookeeper – is what you call a hoarder of trashy weekly magazines read by teenage boys

Charity worker – I was once one of these but was sacked for staying at home, I said “charity starts at home

Actor – this is a job that most people who live outside of Hollyoaks can do

Window Salesman – sells Microsoft products

Radiographer – don’t actually play that much music

Builder – I once saw a builder ride into a bar on a horse and shoot someone, he was a cowboy builder

Meter Reader – small men who walk around reading books

Prostitute – I once visited one of these, she said afterwards, “it was a business doing pleasure with you

Psychotherapist – went to see one of these but they chased me with a knife

Personal Trainers – trainers that you have had your initials stitched onto

Lollipop Lady – Long thin lady with a sticky head


Typist – they are always drunk while they are working

Sewage workers – they can’t really complain if they think their job is shit

Lollipop Ladies – are long thin ladies with a sticky headingMystery Shopper – they have no idea why they are out shopp

Chocolatier – like chocolate fingers but ears

Paper Boy – a boy made out of paper

Venetian blind fitter – if it wasn’t for them, it would be curtains for everyone

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